Trisha Posner is a critically acclaimed health and fitness journalist and author. This is Not Your Mother’s Menopause (Villard, 2000), was her journey through menopause hormone free. Her follow-up was No Hormones, No Fear (Villard, 2003).


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Her Book

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A groundbreaking, personal memoir that offers women a natural path through menopause, an antidote to Big Pharma.  “Posner was inspired to use her formidable research skills…[the result] is an interesting and inspiring account by a woman who decided to take responsibility for her body and her health”  Publishers Weekly  “This book outlines her uplifting experiences and the plan that helped her symptoms and improved her quality of life.”  Austin American-Statesman


Trisha Posner is a journalist and author, concentrating on health, fitness, and pop culture.  She has also helped research ten nonfiction books with her husband, Gerald Posner.  With a background in art and fashion, the London-born Posner most recently wrote the hit columns “Health Watch” and “Cultural Chatter” for Ocean Drive.    


Trisha has covered everything from top wine collectors to architectural controversies to book reviews to Art Basel to exploring alternative medical treatments that often challenge conventional wisdom.   Explore some of her eclectic subjects here.